1 Kg Boneless Chilly Chicken (Price-450 INR)

Adam foods Coimbatore brings you fresh, tasty boneless Chilly Chicken. Enjoy tender of Chicken, seasoned, breaded and boneless to give a pleasant treat. Each bite is a delight. This excellent quality boneless chicken fry is provided to our customers with great presentation. We preserve this boneless chicken in deep frozen to ensure its nutritional values. Our teammates completely inspect this boneless chicken to make sure its purity, reliability, and nutritional benefits.

We are Very Well Specialize in providing in various food packages like all kinds of Biriyani Items and Various Gravy Items, Chicken & Mutton Items from 0.5 Kilograms to As per the customer Request on Every Sundays and client required days.
Chicken and Mutton Biriyanis available - 0.5Kg, 1Kg, 2Kg, 3 Kg and as per the customer specifications.

We are Specialize in the following Food Packages

Veg Biriyani, Chicken Biriyani, Mutton Biriyani, Chicken Gravy, Chilly Chicken, Chicken Manjuriyan, Pepper Chicken, Boneless / Bone Chilly Chicken. All the above items are available from 0.5 Kgs to Customer Requirements