1 Kg Chilly Chicken (Price-400 INR)

In India, this may include a variation of dry chicken preparations. Adam foods Coimbatore provided a dry chilly chicken in a hygienic manner. Though mainly fresh boneless chicken is used in this dish. Chilly Chicken is cooked in special herbs and spices that add a different taste to it. Chicken is coated with traditional spices. It is given a touch of Indian flavor which enhanced the taste buds. Boneless Chicken pieces deep fried in the pure hygienic oil and served in a traditional way.

We are Very Well Specialize in providing in various food packages like all kinds of Biriyani Items and Various Gravy Items, Chicken & Mutton Items from 0.5 Kilograms to As per the customer Request on Every Sundays and client required days.
Chicken and Mutton Biriyanis available - 0.5Kg, 1Kg, 2Kg, 3 Kg and as per the customer specifications.

We are Specialize in the following Food Packages

Veg Biriyani, Chicken Biriyani, Mutton Biriyani, Chicken Gravy, Chilly Chicken, Chicken Manjuriyan, Pepper Chicken, Boneless / Bone Chilly Chicken. All the above items are available from 0.5 Kgs to Customer Requirements